Enthusiastic About Trade - Event in Cologne

23 October 2023

Under the hashtag #LUSTAUFHANDWERK, there are various posts on Instagram that showcase the diversity and passion of the trade and help increase its visibility. The goals of the #LUSTAUFHANDWERK campaign are to present the values of trade work and to get young people excited about the trades.

Klauke and RIDGID have been sponsoring the campaign since 2021. This year's community meet up took place on 14 October in Cologne. At 12:00 p.m., all of the sponsors gathered on the banks of the Rhine to transport all of the equipment to the ship MS RheinGalaxie. This year, RIDGID and Klauke were again jointly represented with a booth equipped with tools for testing, raffles and various merchandising products.

At around 1:00 p.m. the representatives headed to Cologne Cathedral to meet with the tradesmen and women who had managed to snag a ticket for the event. As part of a flash mob, the large banner with the inscription #LUSTAUFHANDWERK was rolled out in time-honoured fashion. This time it was in front of Cologne Cathedral. The entire scene was directly recorded by the film crew accompanying the event from the cathedral.

Then it was boarding time and we headed back to the nearby banks of the Rhine. The MS RheinGalaxie departed for Bonn punctually at 4:00 p.m.

After being welcomed, two speakers delivered their keynote speeches. Atthe end of the buffet, a DJ was there to set the mood. Meanwhile, Klauke and RIDGID presented their tools at the booths to interested tradesmen and women. Just like last year, the 60" RIDGID pipe wrench and the ground cutter from Klauke were again popular highlights, which many people were pleased to use to take 3D photos in front of the #LUSTAUFHANDWERK press wall.

There was also a celebrity visit by comedian Oliver Pocher. Host Kristijan Cacic exchanged ideas with Pocher during the Q&A session "Talking heads meet tradesmen" (Mundwerker meets Handwerker). Afterwards, the audience also had the chance to ask questions and there were photo oppertunities together.

Overall, it was another great opportunity to meet the community outside of Instagram and connect offline.

Videos and photos are available on the Instagram accounts @Klauke.Deutschland and @RIDGID.Deutschland . The official film of the event is available on @Lustaufhandwerk .

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