Klauke Electrical Expertise

The system makes all the difference, meaning a better connection with the Klauke material and tools

When it comes to the perfect connection in electrical engineering, two things are particularly decisive: that you have the right tool for every task and that the connecting material and tool are perfectly matched to each other.

We live out our systems approach. Our extensive product portfolio offers you the right tools and materials for all tasks. With our products, you are able achieve work results that meet the highest requirements. In addition to our standard product range, we also offer customised cable lugs.

Klauke quality: reliable, resilient, made in Germany

In electrical engineering, safety comes first. That's why we rely on the highest quality in our tools and connection technology. We produce all of our battery-powered hydraulic tools in Germany and all our connecting material in Europe.

Klauke battery-powered hydraulic tools: clever experts

Our battery-powered hydraulic tools can do much more than simply cutting, pressing and punching. The tools are as light as possible and have the perfect weight distribution to support occupational health. You have a number of intelligent functions at your fingertips with the i-press app: From the automatic quality control of each pressing to the documentation of the work carried out and the display of pressing procedures that are still available. The data can be read on the tool display or exported via Bluetooth.

Mechanical tools from Klauke: strong support

Our mechanical pressing, crimping and cutting tools are perfectly designed to allow you to achieve high-quality work and precision with as little effort as possible. Sophisticated ergonomics ensure that the tools are comfortable to hold and won't be dropped easily. Optimised lever effects transfer the force to the right place and considerably reduce the effort you have to put in. High-quality materials ensure that wear does not occur prematurely even under harsh working conditions.

Cable pulling technology: no more chaos

With our Greenlee cable pull-in systems you can work in a clean and orderly manner. The design is user-friendly down to the last detail – and with extremely robust materials, longevity is guaranteed.

Punching and pressing: accurate and fast

Greenlee punching and pressing tools help you achieve clean results quickly. Burr-free operation is guaranteed as is a high level of safety during use.

Testing, measuring and inspection equipment: precisely informed

If you want to know the exact details, our Greenlee testing, measuring and inspection equipment will give you detailed information. Precise results are always quickly at hand, regardless of whether it's in the low, medium or high voltage range. The digital multimeters offer additional functions such as evaluation and archiving.

Our tool service: customer requirements consistently implemented

Having your tools ready and available at all times is crucial to your work. In order for our service to provide you with maximum support, we offer you the three components inspection & maintenance, repairs and rental equipment service. A repair normally takes about 4 working days – you can continue working during this time with rental equipment via our rental equipment service. Outside of Germany we cooperate with authorised service centres, which handle repairs, inspection and maintenance for our customers on site.

Our customer consulting service: more knowledge brings more safety

Regardless of whether it's a matter of sharing basic knowledge at one of our training courses or clarifying detailed questions in application consulting: We are always by your side to support you, both personally on site or at our premises, via video consulting or via our detailed technical reports.

The entire electrical engineering industry under one roof: our industry solutions

Electrical engineering in the fields of control cabinets, installation, energy and industry entails different requirements, standards and special features. Our industry solutions are always geared towards exactly this. You are sure to find the right tool and material for every area with us.

In switch cabinet construction and electrical installation, our technology covers all working areas: pressing, cutting, screwing, punching, measuring, testing and inspecting. Tools and materials are precisely aligned to optimised working methods and the required standards.

There are many different requirements in energy supply. With a product portfolio that includes both the Klauke and Greenlee brands, we are pleased to offer you a complete system in connection technology.

In the area of industrial electrical engineering, the focus is usually on larger cross-sections. With our high-performance battery-operated hydraulic crimping tools, cutting tools and desktop devices for assembly, we provide you with a suitable product range.