Engineer's professional case, 15 pieces

Engineer's professional case, 15 pieces

  • Engineers basic equipment, mainly with VDE tools
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  • Technicians notebook tool bag
  • Material: hard-wearing nylon
  • 90° folding-out front pocket
  • High-quality zipper
  • Spray-water protected bottom
  • Each side pocket has a zipper
  • Adjustable carrying belt with quick-release fastener and shoulder pad
  • Twin fixed carrying handle
  • Insert for visitor cards

Ordering Information

Ordering information
PART NO. Description
KL905B15 Engineer's professional case, 15 pieces 
PART NO. Description
KL905L Technician's professional case, empty 
KL110PH1IS VDE Phillips screwdriver, PH1 
KL110PH2IS VDE Phillips screwdriver, PH2 
KL1007525IS VDE Slotted screwdriver, 2.5 x 0.4 mm 
KL10010040IS VDE flat head screwdriver, 4.0 x 0.8 mm 
KL10012555IS VDE flat head screwdriver, 5.5 x 1.0 mm 
KL19073IS Phase tester with heavy duty handle, one-pin, VDE 0680 150V - 250V 
KL130PM1IS VDE Plus/Minus Pozidriv screwdriver, Z1 
KL130PM2IS VDE Plus/Minus Pozidriv screwdriver, Z2 
KL745HK Cable knife with hooked blade 
KL050205IS VDE long-nose pliers, straight, 205 mm 
KL044200IS VDE Electric power side cutter, 200 mm 
KL710 Round cable stripper 8 - 13mm dia. 
KL020165IS VDE Power combination pliers, 165 mm 
KL403 Measuring tape, 3 m