Slug Buster® slug splitting set ISO 16 – 40

Slug Buster® slug splitting set ISO 16 – 40

  • For quick, clean, effortless and burr-free holes
  • Split slugs fall free and can be disposed of easily
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suitable for

  • Steel sheet (St37), plastic and aluminium to 3.0 mm


  • Manual


  • Draw stud 9.5 mm dia., pilot drill 9.7 mm dia. 50360183<br/>draw stud 11.1 mm, pilot drill 12.7 mm 50344102<br/>draw stud 19.0 mm dia., pilot drill 20.5 mm dia. 50344030

Scope of delivery

  • Complete system consisting of punch and die including plastic case

Additional information

  • A case is not included in scope of supply, this must be ordered separately

Ordering Information

Ordering information
PART NO. Description
50356178SET Slug Buster® slug splitting set ISO 16/20/25/32/40 
PART NO. Description
KKISO16B63 Hard plastic carrying case