Easy Roller Cable drum unwinder

Easy Roller Cable drum unwinder

  • Very robust and lightweight design
  • 30% less weight than conventional cable drum unwinder, one of the lightest unwinders on the market
  • ramp with shallow angle for easy coiling and uncoiling of the cable drum
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  • Possible to fit to the cable drum diameter
  • Rollers with integrated side guides
  • Use of high-quality bearings, allowing the drum to be unwound quickly and easily

suitable for

  • Large and small cable drums
  • Width 530 mm, 200 kg carrying capacity
  • Width 670 mm, 250 kg carrying capacity

Ordering Information

Ordering information
PART NO. Description Width mm
52055383 Easy Roller cable drum unwinder, standard  530 
52055384 Easy Roller cable drum unwinder, wide  670 
PART NO. Description
52055383ER Easy Roller replacement roller, standard 
52055384ER Easy Roller replacement roller, wide