Descripción general de los materiales a descargar

Electrico: Catálogo

Electrical catalogue

Entire catalogue electrical: English (pdf 20MB)

Product range for Utility

English (pdf)

Tools for panel builders

Electricidad: Folletos de productos

Best of Klauke

Klauke stripping and crimping tools

English, German (pdf)

Mechanical crimping tool for insulated cable connections - K 82

Wiring duct cutter for cable ducts up to 125 mm

English (pdf)

Cable pulling systems

English, German (pdf)

Electromechanical crimping tool Klauke micro - EK 50ML

Battery-powered punching tools and sets

English (pdf)

The new K106 range

English (pdf)

Battery powered cable tray cutter - EBS6LGKS

EnglishGerman (pdf)

Battery powered hydraulic drive unit - AHP 700-L

Measuring device for the medium and high voltage sectors

English, German (pdf)


Reportes tecnicos

Connection Technology and Crimping Profiles

English (pdf)

Wire stripping - quick, simple and safe

English (pdf)

Herramienta a medida / Fontaneria: Catalogo y folletos

Catalogue Customized Tools / Plumbing

Next Generation Pressing tools

Self Pierce Riveting Tool

Soluciones a medida: Catalogo y Folletos

Automotive Connector Solutions

OEM Solutions

English (pdf)

Special tools

Klauke Training

German (pdf)