Training united under ONE EMERSON

September 18, 2019

There were 30 new trainees, 11 training occupations, 2 dual degree programmes, 5 companies, but one thing united all participants of our Emerson Trainee Day - the "Emerson" Group.

For the first time every, a very special kick-off event for our new trainees took place on 6th September 2019. The Emerson Trainee Day celebrated its launch last week in Remscheid. In total, we welcomed 16 new trainees and 7 instructors from the Emerson training locations in Laatzen, Mönchengladbach, Korschenbroich and Gronau in Remscheid.

In addition to the company tour and practical exercises in our brand-new training workshop, we focused on getting to know other the companies within the Emerson Group better and, in doing so, we able to think outside the box right from the start of the training day.

At Klauke, we have always placed great importance on getting off to a good start so that our trainees find their way around quickly. Right from the start, we aim to strengthen the trainees' professional self-confidence and sense of community.

This makes us all the more proud to have created the Emerson Trainee Day, a cross-location exchange platform that gives all new trainees the opportunity to get to know the Emerson Group better right from the start of their training and to network with trainees from other locations.

The feedback from all new Emerson trainees at the end of the event was very positive. Our visitors particularly liked the robotics technology in production and trying out our products for themselves.

We are looking forward to holding the Emerson Trainee Day again next year.