Inspection and service of tools

Regular, preventative care and maintenance of tools usually saves costly repairs. During an inspection, your tool will be checked for sound condition, whereas a service involves the replacement of various wearing parts.

We recommend that your tool is inspected annually. Klauke is able to service crimping and cutting tools and this should be done every 3 years or from 10,000 crimps or cuts. In our new battery-operated tools, the LED starts to flash when servicing is due. This is for information purposes only and does NOT compromise the functionality of your crimping or cutting tool.

The inspection and service should always be carried out by authorised Service Centers using only genuine Klauke spare parts. Regular inspection and service is the basis of your tool's long service life.

If you want to make use of this inspection and service facility, fill-out the relevant check list form and send it to our Service Center along with your tool.

Inspection and service checklist

Important shipping note:
Defective Li-Ion Batteries must be disposed correctly. Please do not send them.

You may incur additional costs, please contact your service center for further information.

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