Two Awards for Klauke’s Idea Management

Gustav Klauke GmbHinfo@klauke.de64320

Klauke managed to win no less than two awards this year. In the category “Best Apprentice Idea” we took second place and in the category “Best Idea in Production and Technology” we came in third. These ideas enabled Klauke to impress the expert jury of the German Institute for Ideas and Innovation Management. 

The apprentice Alexander Satschkowskij proved that you do not have to be an “old hand” when it is a case of enhancing safety standards at the workplace. A cover over a sanding block can make all the difference and reduce potential injury hazards. The foresight of the new colleague was correspondingly rewarded and acknowledged through prompt implementation. 

Franco Maselli, a colleague working in logistics, also displayed a very special kind of ambition. In the case of a packaging machine, where cable lugs run over a plate section every day, there were very often disruptions with the plate section needing to be replaced regularly. The plates became scratched by the cable lugs over time, which resulted in the parts getting caught up there. The necessary replacement of this plate consequently resulted in additional costs.

A situation, however, which Franco Maselli was not willing to accept. So he took one of the scratched plates home and pottered about with it in his free time to try to find a solution to the problem.   After many attempts with various methodologies, he actually did find a cleaning agent that would prevent the damage during the packaging process. The plate sections that were last fitted have not needed to be replaced a single time since then. 

The recognition by the German Institute for Ideas and Innovation Management is something that Klauke is very proud of and something that encourages the two staff members as well as their colleagues to continue to be on the look-out for ideas aimed at improvements.