Three become one…

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… and that’s what progress can look like at Gustav Klauke GmbH. One machine has now replaced three in the hardness testing area. Quite apart from the space saved, this new measuring equipment can now cover three different testing procedures:

  • Rockwell
  • Brinell
  • Vickers


The 8-way turret head is equipped with three penetrators, three lenses and one positioning laser as well as an integrated overview camera. This – combined with a motor steered CNC table with X and Y axis – offers the possibility of both automatic and series testing. This means that components can be fed back to the production area far more quickly in order to meet the sometimes very short delivery requests of customers. Moreover, the connected documentation unit provides great opportunities of portraying the tests and of further supporting them with imagery. This clear and distinct representation is ultimately in the interests of our customers as well.

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