The new K82s – more precision thanks to simplified operation

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The new K82s – more precision thanks to simplified operation

Klauke users already know that with the time-tested K82A and the K82T you can crimp insulating sleeves of up to 6 mm2 with 33% less physical effort. Its modern leverage mechanism has meant that operation has always been rather simple. Moreover, the crimping process is further supported by the reduced opening width and the ergonomic low-fatigue design of the handle.  

The new “Locator” enables intuitive operation

The function of the K82A and the K82T has now been supplemented for the future with the new “Locator”. A small guide rail that holds the cable lugs in position and thereby prevents any pass-through of the copper conductor.  

The “Locator” simply adapts to the individual working methods of its users. The “Locator’s” pins that affix the connectors from top and bottom can be flexibly moved, enabling either frontal or lateral insertion. This intuitive approach to making the contacts allows crimp connections to be made more rapidly and at the same time far more precisely.  

The weight of 530 g remains more or less unchanged as does the length with just some 225 mm. This means that this lightweight tool will continue to find its way into every tool case in the future, too.