Starting the New Year with a Fresh Print Image

Gustav Klauke GmbHinfo@klauke.de64320

Investment was made at the beginning of 2019 in a tampon printing machine of the latest generation for our subsidiary plant at Bernsdorf. Similar to the pad printer purchased for the main facility in Remscheid in March 2018 (as already reported), this now means that the imprinting of the leg sections of the pliers can be carried out in a dual process thanks to the greatly enlarged doctoring cup. Moreover, the new equipment cleans itself automatically resulting in a far more precise print image.

Together with the laser marking machinery that was also procured in March 2018, the printing plates can now also be produced at the facility. This makes us more independent of delivery date restrictions and enables us to fulfil an ever-present customer requirement: shorter delivery periods! Read more about us: Klauke Expertise