Klauke is getting moving – soon surely a whole lot more!

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This motto has been making the rounds for some time now: on the lifts for example to get staff sensitized to the idea of using the stairs instead. Healthy nutrition is also being supported by means of the fresh, free-of-charge, daily fruit deliveries and numerous water dispensers distributed throughout the premises. But now we are taking yet another step with the establishment of our company-own fitness center. Several cardio and power exercise machines along with a course training room are intended to motivate staff to do a little for their health besides their job. In this way – and this is something we very much hope for – the fun, enjoyment and perhaps even that little bit of excitement will have a positive impact on sick leave; anyway, it will undoubtedly mitigate the implications of demographic change. Moreover, we trust that this additional work/life balance for our staff will contribute to reducing daily stress levels and to fostering regeneration.

If you would like to learn more about this project, please revisit our site again shortly as we shall be reporting on the progress of the construction work.