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Why the Gustav Klauke GmbH promotes health offers within the company!

At first glance, the agreement between a company and its employees essentially consists of the idea of "money for work". But in recent years this way of thinking has increasingly been regarded as outdated, because the notion of ‘meaningfulness’ has become an ever more important part of the basis for motivation among employees. This aspect is progressively outstripping purely monetary motivation. This also includes the question of identification with the employer - do I feel comfortable and valued as a person. So entrepreneurs should think more about how to make employees persons that act from conviction rather than simply as performers of duties.

At the same time, the topic of "staying fit and healthy for as long as possible" is becoming increasingly important in view of our constantly enhancing life expectancy and demographic development. Today, many workplaces are healthier than a few decades ago. But working life will become longer and each individual must remain at an age-appropriate performance level for as long as possible. If we succeed in optimizing working conditions in such a way that as little stress as possible occurs and, on the other hand, the existing stress levels are optimally compensated, then we would actually have the often-cited win-win situation for employees and the company.

With this in mind, our company has long carried out various individual events such as company runs, health days, workshops on various topics as well as activities in cooperation with health insurance companies.

Today's opening of the Klauke Vitality Club means that it is not only possible to offer our employees health-promoting measures on a selective basis with individual campaigns throughout the year, but also to enable them as well as ourselves the option of integrating health activities into the daily routine at the time appropriate for the individual. That can be shoulder relaxation in shirt and jeans twice per week for 10 minutes for preventive reasons or entire fitness routines several times per week.

According to Dr. Günther Burkhard, Managing Director of Gustav Klauke GmbH, Remscheid, this offer will be continually extended over the next few months with a focus on topics such as mobility, nutrition, relaxation, etc. in order to clearly show that the company really attaches great value to having healthy employees who feel valued by the company and which – thanks to sports – steadily grow closer to their colleagues.