Eight new young professionals have started their careers!

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At the beginning of the new training year we are delighted to welcome a total of eight new apprentices. They include: 

  • 1 industrial clerk
  • 1 industrial mechanic
  • 1 mechatronics technician
  • 1 machine and equipment operator
  • 1 electronics technician for industrial systems
  • 1 student doing a dual course of study focusing on mechanical engineering
  • 1 IT specialist for system integration
  • 1 cutting machine operator (Bernsdorf)

The training to become an IT specialist for system integration is new this year, a decision that is aimed at enhancing Klauke’s position further in the future by enabling the company to better meet the challenges presented by Industry 4.0 and digitization. Including the new additions, there are currently 31 apprentices working at Klauke. We strive to keep on all trainees after their apprenticeships and therefore convey expertise to them in such a way that either she or he can become a fully integrated member of the team directly after completion of the training. In this respect we are not only looking for good grades but for initiative and a continual willingness to learn. 

Klauke attaches great importance from the very outset on strengthening the professional self-confidence of the apprentices and, in particular, on enhancing their sense of community.  We foster this through our own individual training programs, joint meetings and excursions as well as social initiatives.

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