… is what the one or other might have thought when the lists for the 24-hour race in Remscheid were displayed on the notice boards.

Excellent quality and environmental management as well as adherence to national and international requirements, guidelines and processes is of great importance to Klauke.

… and that’s what progress can look like at Gustav Klauke GmbH. One machine has now replaced three in the hardness testing area. Quite apart from the space saved, this new measuring equipment can now cover three different testing procedures:

More consultancy, more service, more performance: our team at Klauke Aus-tria has set itself some challenging targets and has once again much en-larged its team.

On Saturday 11 May 2019 the time had finally come around once again: following some considerable preparation, Gustav Klauke GmbH’s summer party took place.

This motto has been making the rounds for some time now: on the lifts for example to get staff sensitized to the idea of using the stairs instead.