On Saturday 11 May 2019 the time had finally come around once again: following some considerable preparation, Gustav Klauke GmbH’s summer party took place.

This motto has been making the rounds for some time now: on the lifts for example to get staff sensitized to the idea of using the stairs instead.

Klauke managed to win no less than two awards this year. In the category “Best Apprentice Idea” we took second place and in the category “Best Idea in Production and Technology” we came in third. These ideas enabled Klauke to impress the expert jury of the German Institute for Ideas and Innovation...

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Klauke users already know that with the time-tested K82A and the K82T you can crimp insulating sleeves of up to 6 mm2 with 33% less physical effort. Its modern leverage mechanism has meant that operation has always been rather simple. Moreover, the crimping process is further supported by the...

Investment was made at the beginning of 2019 in a tampon printing machine of the latest generation for our subsidiary plant at Bernsdorf.

A bit better, every day: We are forever challenging the status quo surrounding your daily work processes so as to ensure continual further development of our portfolio. It is our objective to make your daily work easier and more convenient – and this sustainably over time.