Cooperation - our partners, your benefits

Klauke unites a host of distinctive competencies from various areas. In addition we co-operate with different partners to offer you even more safety and expertise.


The 'Elektromarken' initiative is a partnership between strong brands and is synonymous with maintaining important values such as quality, reliability, performance, innovation and design. Klauke provides a host of arguments for the trade and instructions for use for electrical engineers.

The E-Check safety initiative with its recognised test seal offers detailed energy-saving advice, tests electrical installations and confirms their sound condition to industrial inspectorates, trade associations and insurance companies.

The e-Marke (e-mark) is the THE quality symbol for Austrian electro-technical companies. Specialist companies that are permitted to use this symbol have passed tough certification procedures. They guarantee their customers that they will apply expert knowledge to accomplish reliable electrical work from the planning phase, to the construction phase to the utilisation phase.