In 1879, 24-year old Gustav Klauke and his brother found the Gustav Klauke company in Stephanstrasse in the Osterbusch area of Remscheid, Germany. At the time, the product range comprised high-quality pliers, which due to clean hand forging found a ready market, primarily in the watchmaker trade. The company has 5 employees.

The Gustav Klauke company is entered in the Commercial Register as a "General Trading Company". The factory space covers 1200 m2.

Drop forged pliers replace hand forged ones. Mass production has begun. The company has approx. 60 employees.

The sons of the founder, Gustav Klauke II and Max Klauke, take over the management. The pliers product range is continued.

The first English language catalogue for the pliers range appears. From the outset, Klauke goes for high-quality tools for the international markets too.

The sales market is expanded by producing the catalogues in French and Spanish. 

Following the death of Gustav Klauke II, in keeping with old traditions, the company is managed by his son-in-law Gustav Diederichs together with Max Klauke. At the same time, Klauke is converted to a limited liability company.

The increasing electrification creates the impetus for the decision to produce cable lugs and associated tools.

Gustav Diederichs' son, Karl-Gustav Diederichs joins the company. There are now 45 employees.

The traditional pliers production is ceased. At the same time, the production of cable lugs and crimping tools is expanded.  

Karl-Gustav Diederichs becomes sole Managing Director and oversees 85 employees.

Gustav Klauke GmbH celebrates its centenary in Remscheid.

Covering an area of 6000 m2, the original premises on Stephanstrasse are too small for perpetual company growth. And so a plot of around 17,000 m2 is acquired in the Remscheid-Ueberfeld industrial region for the construction of new production, storage and office facilities.

Production in the new halls is started on an area of over 4000 m².

The entire company moves into the new premises in Remscheid-Ueberfeld. The production and storage facilities now cover some 9000 m².

To keep up with the steady growth, an adjacent 3000 m2 building plot is purchased. Thanks to an existing hall, a further 2000 m² of production area is added. Klauke is now employing approx. 160 people.

Following the reunification of Germany, Gustav Klauke GmbH acquires HAW in the state of Saxony, the current Bernsdorf branch covering a total area of 10,000 m².

Klauke Austria is established in Vienna. In the same year, INDIS, headquartered in Creutzwald, is integrated into the Klauke Group as Klauke France. At the same time, Dr. Peters is bought out by Klauke. This company produces connecting materials and tools.

The first battery-powered hydraulic tool for connecting material is made. The development and distribution of special products for the plumbing and heating sector begins – accompanied by the first catalogue for this range of applications.

Klauke attains ISO 9001 certification for the first time. This standard specifies the requirements for a continuously improved quality management system.


Klauke is integrated into the American, multi-industrial company Textron. This gives the worldwide presence of Klauke and Greenlee products significant impetus. A new building with a further 5000 m² of production and office spaces emerges on the neighbouring plot in Remscheid-Ueberfeld acquired in 1990.

Klauke starts to market Greenlee Products in Europe. Hole-making, punching and cutting tools, as well as cable-pulling products are offered.

Expansion of distribution activities through TEXTRON's Singapore office.

Karl-Gustav Diederichs retires. Expansion of distribution activities through TEXTRON's Singapore office. SAP R/3 is introduced at the Klauke headquarters in Remscheid.

The Klauke multi, the universal tool patented worldwide for crimping, cutting and hole-making is launched on the market. Expansion of distribution activities through the TEXTRON office in Shanghai.

Klauke UK, the sales office for Great Britain and Ireland is opened.

The Klauke mini, an innovative, light and easy-to-use tool, is produced on a new hydraulic tool platform and introduced on the market.

The newly defined "Klauke Production Principle" is put into practice under LEAN and KAIZEN.

Klauke Remscheid celebrates 125 years in existence in Remscheid with a big party. The Klauke Service-Mobil vehicle for on-site assignments at customers is introduced. The activities of Tempo Europe Limited are fully integrated into Klauke.

Klauke supports the "Electrical brands. Strong partners" initiative for increasing brand awareness and becomes a member of "E-CHECK", the seal of approval for electrical installations and devices. Klauke supplements its existing product range with professional hand tools as well testing, measuring and inspection device rangefor the commercial and industrial sector.


The distribution company Klauke Russia is established in Moscow. A new central logistics centre is put into operation in Remscheid.

The Klauke India sales office is opened in Bangalore. Utilux Europe is bought out (download Utilux company history, pdf). Ultimately creating the new company Klauke Slovakia and the Klauke UK site in Bungay (Great Britain).

The battery-powered hydraulic crimping, cutting and universal tools of the Safety Plus generation are launched on the market. Klauke is certified to ISO/TS 16949 (quality management system in the automotive industry) for the first time and ISO 14001 (environmental management system).

Klauke receives the FACHMETALL QM Context Award. In recognition of the continuously high quality of tested materials.

The distribution office in Bangalore (India) is expanded to industrial premises with assembly capacity, Service Center and warehouse. Development of activities according to the Lean Management Concept for Marketing/Sales and Administration. The innovative "blue connection" system is introduced into the market. At the Dolny Kubin site (Slovakia), a second production and administration building is being erected and deployed.


A second production and administration building is opened in Dolny Kubin (Slovakia). Klauke Slovakia and Klauke UK introduce SAP. Klauke Iberia, the distribution company for Spain and Portugal is opened in Madrid. Klauke opens a new production facility in China close to the city of Nantong. Greenlee celebrates its 150th anniversary. The TEXTRON Award for Occupational Health and Safety has been awarded to Klauke Germany for the second time and to Klauke Slovakia for the first time. The award is given for the low accident rate over the previous three years.

The Klauke micro, the world's first electromechanical crimping tool with PowerSense technology is launched on the market. The distribution company Klauke Polska close to Warsaw is opened. Our distribution company Klauke France has been in the market for 25 years. In Chihuahua (Mexico), a production facility for our Assembly Solutions segment is commissioned. The first time it took part in the competition, Gustav Klauke GmbH beat a large number of contenders to win the “Bergischer Ausbildungspreis 2014” (a training prize) in the category "Companies with more than 250 employees".

Klauke launches sale of HDE products in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. Introduction of the new Klauke mini for the electrical and plumbing trades. The Klauke Ideas Management Scheme celebrates its tenth anniversary and receives an award from the German Institute for Ideas and Innovation Management. Klauke supports the "Ecurie Aix" team from RWTH Aachen University by providing tools and cable lugs.

Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 are trends which Klauke has already incorporated into the Next Generation to set new standards. The new battery-powered hydraulic tools have a Bluetooth interface for mobile data read-out and tool configuration. Klauke Bernsdorf has been produced high-quality tools for 25 years.



Dr. Burkhard took up his post as the new Managing Director at Gustav Klauke GmbH on 1 April 2017. The grand opening of our new production facilities at Gelnica/Slovakia took place on 4 May 2017 and extends the production in Slovakia with another location of 2000 m². Klauke extents its logistics operations by renting a new facility on the “Auf dem Knapp” industrial estates. Klauke Spain moved to its new facilities in Madrid. 


In May 2018 Klauke India celebrates his 10th anniversairy and additonally moves to new premises. Mid of the year 2018 also Klauke Austria celebrates his 25th anniversairy. In July 2018 the acquisition of the Gustav Klauke GmbH took place. Klauke is now a part of the Emerson "Professional Tools" Divison.


Klauke Remscheid celebrates its 140th anniversary. Globally unique: In April, the Orange Line of battery powered hydraulic cutting and crimping tools will be presented, their kind offering protection from electric shocks up to 1.000 V.