The Creation of a Tool

26 January 2024
Klauke is known for its innovative and reliable tools. When customers hold a Klauke tool in their hands, they experience particularly well thought-out functionality and sophisticated ergonomics. Before this point,the product goes through a comprehensive development process, from the initial idea to series production.

How does the idea for a new tool come about?

The idea for a new tool or a product optimization can arise in various ways. Some customers ask the sales department about devices for special applications. Product management determines the basic need for certain tools in different customer segments or countries. Sophisticated solutions are often developed directly in the research and development department, which are well received worldwide.

What happens next?

If the idea is promising, it is implemented in a development project. First, the individual components are designed using CAD software. In doing so, the developers focus on achieving a balance between a slim, ergonomic design and sufficient durability. The aim is also to manufacture the parts and assemblies cost-effectively, whereby the selection of suitable materials is just as important as the component geometry and dimensional tolerances.

The expected stresses in the components are usually calculated and visualized using the finite element method (FEM). This allows the service life of the individual components to be estimated relatively well in advance with the appropriate experience.

The designed models are converted into production drawings, according to which the first sample parts are produced in prototype construction. Manufacturing processes such as turning, milling or eroding are used for this. Additive processes such as laser sintering are also being used more and more frequently.

What happens to the prototypes?

The prototypes are assembled and, after a successful functional test, the service life test follows. The assembly usually undergoes many tens of thousands of cycles under realistic forces. It is not only important that the tool lasts as long as possible, but also that the safety of the user is always guaranteed.

What happens after the tests are completed?

Once these tests have been successfully completed, a 0 series of the tools is produced under real conditions in production and assembly. If these tools meet the challenges faced by customers in the field, series production will start and many more customers worldwide will be convinced of Klauke quality.