Solar park installation with Klauke products

12 June 2023

In today's world, solar parks, photovoltaic systems and solar thermal energy are indispensable. Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources and is characterized, among other things, by lower emissions and high sustainability. Solar plants are also robust and have low maintenance costs. In 2020, photovoltaic systems could save around 34.9 million tons of CO2 in Germany [see source BDEW].

For optimal solar panel efficiency, several factors must interact. One that is often underestimated is the quality and reliability of the electrical connection elements. When it comes to safe and reliable cable connections, Klauke has proven expertise for over 60 years.

In a solar park, Klauke products are needed to connect combiner boxes, inverters and transformers.


Combiner Box

When connecting a combiner box, it is important to establish a safe connection. This can be achieved with the following products, for example:

EK50ML, K 507WF, tubular cable lugs Cu standard version, insulated ferrules according to DIN.



With the mostly prefabricated inverters, effective crimping of aluminium power cables is critical, using compact tools such as the EKM60ID and the bi-metal compression cable lugs (Al/Cu).



For transformers, various applications of electrical connection material come into play. Klauke products for transformer installation are for example: ES 32 ML / ES 32 F ML, EK WF 120 ML, EK 30 ID ML, tubular cable lugs for switch cabinet connections, standard version.


From engineering and design, to customized solutions, manufacturing and services, Klauke is the industry leader in connecting materials and electrical tools. For more information and products for solar farm installations, click here: