i-press® software and i-press® app

i-press® software and i-press® app

Connectivity is the generic term for the digital applications Klauke offers its customers in addition to its tools. Including the Klauke i-press® software and the i-press® app. These applications offer new potentials for all Klauke Next Generation tools.

  • i-press® - Show your customers how well you work. Klauke Next Generation records your operations, and these can then be transmitted by Bluetooth. The free i-press software uses these data to create for you, if you want, a project report – the proof of quality for your correct operations. You have control over your quality.
  • i-press® app - Use the i-press app to check and control your tool data on the go. Individual tool settings, such as the number of warning tones for an incorrect crimp or the double-click function for increased user safety, help make your day-to-day work simpler and more reliable – just as you need it.
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  • Exports all tool data, so you can check the tool status.
  • In addition, i-press provides you with proof of quality in the form of a project record.
  • i-press® is a desktop application, which you can download here for free.

i-press® app

  • Made easy - Your Next Generation tool connects to the i-press® app via Bluetooth - you can now use the comprehensive range of functions.
  • Everything under control - You can, for example, display the last service date, the last five pressure values, the device temperature or the number of crimps you can still make with the connected tool.
  • Record, verify and archive - Once the project is complete, you will receive an overview containing all information and pressure values as an attachment. Very clearly arranged and revamped as a PDF for printing and submitting.

Download i-press® software

i-press® software for tools with an IPS function (Version 1.0.4, 11 MB)
i-press® software for Next Generation (Version, 13 MB)

Download i-press® app