We support a “house of life”


It might not quite be Christmas yet, which is traditionally a time when Klauke supports the Burgholz Hospice, but also throughout the course of a year, the Burgholz Child and Youth Hospice can look forward to receiving various types of “windfalls” as you can see. As has already been reported, our staff donated their participation amounts granted for attended our most recent works assembly and this together with some other campaigns organised by our company meant that a grand total of euro 5,000 could be raised. Immortalised on a cheque especially printed for this occasion, our head of HR and the Chairman of our works council handed over this amount during a visit to the Hospice. These gentlemen were additionally supported in this by our development department that spontaneously decided to donate the money collected in the coffee kitty – another euro 1,000 by the way! We are delighted at having been able to make a contribution to enabling the children and their families to experience some wonderful events such as the visit of a clown. After all, no gift is more precious than to see a child laughing. That’s why this year once again at Christmas time we are saying: donations instead of customer presents.

If you would like to learn more about our social commitment, please visit our website.