Upgrading for the future


Laser marking machinery has been installed both at our main facility in Remscheid as well as at our subsidiary plant in Bernsdorf near Dresden. This will mean that our component parts can now be more precisely marked thanks to the higher wattage. Further, processing times will be shorter. An additional axis ensures that even circular material can be printed without any need to align the components beforehand since the laser automatically recognises the orientation of the parts. Both appliances satisfy the latest ergonomy standards, being equipped with an automated door system. Moreover, the laser printer in Remscheid is already designed to meet future challenges: the equipping option outside the machine means that it can be used with robot technology.

In addition, a new manufacturing process has been established in Remscheid. In this respect there has been investment in a tampo-printer, which will enable much more rapid individual, customised printing. Four-colour printing can now be implemented at a cycle rate of up to 800 pieces per hour.  

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