The Voltimum Easter Competition – win a Klauke K 82 T


Traditionally, you go on the search for eggs at Easter – but in the case of the Voltimum Easter Competition, you have to find the Klauke crimping tool, K 82 T. Just click on the 8 Easter eggs and identify the matching pair of images of the K 82 T – in as short a time as possible and with as few attempts as possible. You can participate directly on the Voltimum website.  

In this way you will be able to win one of the K 82 T Klauke crimping tools, a product which ensures a secure crimp connection and very high vibration protection thanks to its special crimp design in combination with insulated plug connectors. This is particularly important when the crimp connection is subject to mechanical strain or vibrations within the equipment or machinery. You can learn more about the K 82 T crimping tool here.