The Klauke Service Hotline – perfectly tailored to your daily work routine


When you phone us you have an explicit need or a query – you would like to talk directly with the relevant department and not have to be reconnected! The new Klauke Hotline with a selection option menu now offers you the possibility of speaking directly with the specific department you want to talk to. To enable this, simply dial our Hotline number 0800-4685528 and you can then choose from among the following subject areas:

1 – for technical queries regarding your repair

2 – for administrative queries regarding your repair

3 – for queries regarding rental equipment

4 – for technical support regarding your application

After selecting one of these options, you will be directly connected with a staff member working in that specific department, someone that you can discuss your query with personally and individually.   This is because interaction and close cooperation with our customers is a Klauke quality criterion. We consider the demand for a product in terms of finding the very best mutual solution, whereby the best solution for us does not simply end with the delivery of the product but extends beyond that with the advisory and service support we provide after the purchase.  Please be aware that this Service Number works only from Germany, for contacting us from another country please find the right contact here.

You can learn more here on the Klauke service offers for customers and about the tool service. We are looking forward to hearing from you!