Social Institution Day at the Burgholz Child and Youth Hospice


Gustav Klauke GmbH has been providing the Burgholz Child and Youth Hospice with financial support for many years now. But that was never meant to be the end of things. That’s why on the last Sunday in June six staff members set out to give support in organising the summer festival there to celebrate their social institution day. It was all about entertaining the children at two of the stands that had been made available to us. A most diverse programme – that was very well received – could be enjoyed, a programme that included child make-up, a kind of coconut shy as well as many different types of games of skills. The clear highlight at the well-attended summer festival was the on-site “Dino-crane”, with which you could have an outstanding view of the grounds of the Hospice from a height of 36 metres. On the occasion of the guided tour which followed the successful summer festival, our staff members were able to convince themselves of how well our donations are being invested. A highly-modern youth institution has evolved which manages to convey a cheerful impression – despite the sadness of the occasion in itself – and to offer its inhabitants a temporary home.

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