Outstanding ideas by Klauke


The Idea and Innovation Management Day took place for the 6th time on 28 April 2017 as a part of the Hanover trade fair and exhibition. This event organised by the Idea Management Centre together e.g. with the Hanover chamber of industry and commerce is aimed at putting the whole theme of idea management more into the focus of the general public. This is the reason why everyone has the opportunity during the course of a year to submit their proposals via an idea platform and to receive an award for them.

This year, Klauke went along with three promising ideas submitted by staff and was able to achieve an outstanding second place with the “optimisation of a clamping device using a zero-point clamping system”. The idea emerged from the problem of having to firstly clamp a tool mechanism in a vice so as to subsequently determine the zero point. This approach was complex and time consuming. The zero-point clamping system means that the vice and the parallel blocks are no longer needed. Fixation is now achieved with four dowel pins, whereby the zero point has already been determined. The set-up time in the Klauke production area could be reduced by more than one half thanks to the implementation of this idea.

Klauke idea manager Daniela Karstens and Lean Manager David Hippert took receipt of the award last Friday on behalf of the winner and is already looking forward to active staff participation in the future in our idea management programme.