NEW! Wire stripping tools with innovative blade geometries.


Application-specific cable with high insulation requirements is used in many different sectors. The shipping industry, for instance, places great demands on cables and wires with its international approvals – and in switching cabinets as well as in machinery and equipment construction, halogen-free wiring has long been the standard. To enable good insulation properties to be achieved despite such demanding requirements, insulating material out of PE or TPE is frequently used. A number of different material properties, from soft to ductile and brittle, all contribute to making the professional stripping of wire a real challenge. The right tool is therefore all the more important to enable the insulation to be perfectly removed. Wire stripping tools by Klauke are equipped with innovative cutting edge features and special blade geometries. The wire strippers 43/2V and K43/2U are designed for cross section ranges of 0.08 mm² to 16 mm² and remove even complex insulating material efficiently and cleanly. Even sheathing material out of silicon or hard insulating substances, as can be found on ULspecified cable types, present no obstacles whatsoever for the Klauke wire strippers. When simply PVC or PVC-similar materials are used, Klauke offers a professional wire stripping tool K43/3 with an extreme cross section range of between 0.08 mm² and 16 mm².

Besides efficiency and safety, a good wire stripping tool should offer one thing in particular: ergonomy. Since every gram counts for the user to enable her/him to work easily over a sustained period, low weight is absolutely vital whenever tools are concerned. Wire stripping operations that have to be carried out several hundred times a day is not uncommon in the switch cabinet construction and engineering areas – and that represents a great strain on the hand and arm muscles. Klauke wire stripping tools such as the K43/2V and K43/2U feature outstanding ergonomics. Their weight of only 140 Gram ensures sustained work and combines this with great convenience.