Masterly support for electricians


The "Electrical Brands. Strong Partners" Initiative, which Klauke is a part of, is once again awarding 10 master scholarships to electricians with a successfully completed apprenticeship. Anyone may apply that is able to commence with the advanced training course to become a master between 1 January 2017 and 31 March 2018. The support consists in assuming the fees associated with the training course to become a master up to a maximum amount of € 6,000 since Klauke and the "Electrical Brands. Strong Partners" Initiative attach great importance to the further education and training of electricians and to having a greater number of specialists working in the electrical trade. The awarding of the scholarships will take place as part of the fetivities to celebrate the Brand Forum of the Electrical Industry event on 7 December 2017.

To register, simply fill in the online form on the internet website of the "Electrical Brands. Strong Partners" Initiative. Besides submitting the necessary documentation verifying the qualification, the candidate will also need to provide a letter of motivation and a statement regarding the theme of ‘brand’ in the electrical trade. All applications that are submitted by 30 September 2017 will take part in the selection process and will be assessed by an expert jury by 16 October 2017.  

We wish all future master electricians every success with their applications!