Longstanding tradition: our apprentice breakfast


During the course of the month of August, our new apprentices started across a number of different departments (as reported) and have already been through their onboarding day where they were provided with the most important information in and around the company Klauke, successfully. Now, as has been the tradition at our company for many years, the first joint event for all took place: our apprentice breakfast. All apprentices at Gustav Klauke GmbH meet up here, irrespective of the department and the training year that they happen to be in so as to make new contacts and establish a network. This event is accompanied by our HR department. Our CEO, Dr. Günther Burkhard, did not want to miss the chance of welcoming all apprentices to Klauke personally and he also took the opportunity during the sumptuous breakfast of listening to the expectations and wishes, but also to the cares and concerns of the younger people. Therefore, the feedback to be heard from among our apprentices was also: “We are already looking forward to next year!” Even if not everyone will be there to take part then since they will have been taken into full time employment as specialists and skilled workers by then.

 If you are also interested in starting an apprenticeship at Klauke, you can get information and details here.