Klauke Slovakia enhances its galvanisation process


Klauke Slovakia, which primarily produces connectors on coil or for direct processing in the manufacture of cable harnesses for the automotive industry in its main facility, has not only been expanded with the opening of the new production location at Gelnica. Similarly, there has been investment in the company’s own galvanisation facility at the Dolny Kubin site, an operation which tin-plates these connectors. A new galvanisation line has therefore been built with company-own resources just for the tin-share nickel-plating process that was desired by one of our key account customers in the automotive sub-supplier sector. Since the dimensional tolerances are increasingly in the µ-range, a new coating thickness gauge was also bought at the same time. Thanks to its extremely sensitive detectors that work with x-ray fluorescence, this device is able to detect even the smallest variance. Additionally, a trace analysis to RoHS conformity can be carried out with the appliance. So Klauke Slovakia is indeed very well prepared to meet future customer requirements.  

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