Klauke Advent Calendar Quiz: and the winners are…….!


Once again last year, Klauke shortened the wait up till Christmas with its annual Advent Calendar Quiz. A question had to be answered each day about our company, our products or their fields of application. The winners were all those people with most answers right. Many people participated very actively in the quiz and at the end of the day lots had to be drawn. The main prize: a torque wrench set with a value of €173.20 went to:

Lenka L. from Slovakia

The other fantastic tool prizes went to:

Lutz E. from Dresden, who will receive the Klauke E-Smart Box with a value of € 74.80 

Marijke K. from Bielefeld, who will receive a Slim Line Screwdriver Set with a value of € 62.80

In addition, the following persons have won other fantastic Klauke articles:  

Ralf E. from Bohmte will receive the Klauke shower towel

Burghardt M. from Wallsbuell will receive the Klauke power bank

Falk E. from Freiberg will receive the Klauke USB stick

Jan Z. from Hanau will receive the Klauke rucksack

Jürgen S. from Schöneck will receive the Klauke mug

All winners were informed upfront by email of their prizes. 

We wish all winners a lot of enjoyment with their articles and would like to thank everyone that actively took part every day!