Investment to protect our environment


In a nutshell, that’s the way you could describe the new “addition” to our manufacturing facilities at Bernsdorf. There has been investment in a new compressor at the initiative of a staff member who submitted an improvement proposal. This add-on provides for a lower level of power consumption since it is appropriately dimensioned to accommodate the newly-installed ring line systems. Moreover, this modern compressor can automatically minimise rpm when necessary and thereby lower the power take-up. Consistent with the new compressor, a new ring line has been integrated into the compressed air system, features which will result in an elimination of any leakage. In addition, the new line has separate outflows, enabling a manual cutoff of individual passages. The integrated heat recovery system means that the changing rooms can be heated and that warm water is available in the sanitary facilities. The new appliance saves considerably on CO2 and thanks to the separate oil/water traps, the oil is held back and retained in the compressor condensation. As a consequence, the oil can then be disposed of in a secure and environmentally-friendly manner. So this new investment is compatible in many ways with our environmental approach.


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