In 2017 Klauke is once again enhancing its manufacturing capabilities any making them fit for Industry 4.0


Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 – we are creating the preconditions for it!  

That is the reason why in recent months a dual machining centre with 48 tool positions and a 4-axis simultaneous processing capability as well as another milling centre with a tool magazine for 80 tools and even a 5-axis simultaneous control system have been newly installed in our production facilities. Both machines make loading work easier for users and thereby shorten the cycle times. The dual machining centre is already equipped with a so-called “collision avoidance system (CAS)” which supports staff to the extent that it can warn them as soon as any imminent risk of faults occurring emerges.

The support of our staff, the timely delivery to our customers and the avoidance of faults and errors to ensure quality improvements are of fundamental importance to us and we are happy that these new acquisitions will enable us to make even more enhancements in these areas.  


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