“Fit for Fun” – even during the apprenticeship


The fact that apprenticeships can offer another, quite different aspect is shown by Gustav Klauke GmbH in April.


All apprentices at the company took part in a mystery tour together with staff from Idea Management.  But anyway who tried to associate this tour with previous school class trips was soon to be put right. Although the first day very much revolved around sport and fun, the second day put the focus back on training once again. The participants on the journey could gain an impression of the training and apprenticeship facilities at the company Kautex in Bonn during a tour of the plant. After these interesting insights, the day was concluded with a “whodunit” geocaching event, initiated as a group task so as to foster and promote the team idea. On the journey home everyone was of the same opinion: this was a really successful couple of days!


If you are also interested in an apprenticeship at Klauke, you can get the details right here.