Experience abroad for our apprentices and skilled employees


Klauke does not only develop innovative products, it is also a company that is continuing to grow internationally. Against this background, it is important that our staff are offered an opportunity of improving not only their command of foreign languages but of also further enhancing their intercultural competence to enable them to be successful in the future, too, when confronting the global process landscapes. We have therefore been sending apprentices regularly in the school-free summer period to our locations at Dolny Kubin/Slovakia and Bungay/UK since 2013. This year two of our commercial apprentices were assigned to the UK. Here, the aspiring skilled workers became intensively involved in the daily work processes and in so doing were provided with invaluable insights into the worlds of procurement, order processing and warehouse logistic procedures. Visits to our customers in the UK were also included in the programme; a great way of making them familiar with the diversity of the applications that the cable manufactured by Klauke can be put to.  

Similarly, three skilled workers from our Dolny Kubin facilities took part in the exchange programme. They were deployed in our head office here in Remscheid and could gain some useful impressions of important departments for them such as procurement, sales and manufacturing.

According to those persons involved, both our apprentices as well as those staff that are already qualified enjoyed the opportunity of not only becoming familiar with the hospitality of the colleagues but of also enhancing their level of specialised knowledge and their personal cultural skills. This encourages us in our decision to continue with the exchange programme as a firmly anchored component element of our staff development programmes.

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