Cooperation with Presov, Remscheid’s Slovakian partnership


For the ninth time in a row, Gustav Klauke GmbH has become the temporary employer for female students from Presov, Remscheid’s eastern Slovak twin town. The three young ladies that will be living and working in Remscheid for 5 weeks to improve their German will be deployed in the logistics operation at Tenter Weg. Here they will be working across all the departments and helping with order picking, storage, packing and the filling of tool cases. Towards the end of their stay, they will then assist in the assembly storage area. Of course, the exchange programme, initiated by the town of Remscheid, includes getting to know the local sights and attractions so as to convey to the students something of the beauty of the County of Berg. In the opinion of the responsible community worker at the town of Remscheid this vacation event, that has been organised since 1998, puts real life and meaning into the twin town partnership. Some of the students have enjoyed life so much here that they have returned to Remscheid again in the following years to spend their summer there.

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