Conserving resources – changeover to LED lighting in the Bernsdorf facility


Resource management and environmental protection are of great importance to Klauke. That is the reason why we regularly invest in new equipment that helps minimise environmental pollution and saves energy. So towards the end of the year in the Bernsdorf plant and following various investments in the modern machinery there, the lighting in the metal cutting facility has now been upgraded to LED.  To enable this, some 140 lamps had initially to be exchanged, but further extensions of the measures are planned for the assembly and administration areas in the spring of 2018. The exchange of the lamps will result in a not inconsiderable energy saving and at the same time provide enhanced lighting at the workplaces. In this way we have not only contributed to reducing our carbon footprint but have also helped in improving the workplaces.   

If you would like to learn more about our environmental policy, please visit our website under the heading “Environmental protection and sustainability – for us without any alternative!”.