Congratulations on passing the examination!


Klauke has always been aware of its responsibility to provide young people with professional training and to subsequently offer them career perspectives.  

Our target is to qualify our apprentices and to fashion self-reliant experts out of them, specialists that can be deployed to the full and pass on their newly acquired expertise to others.   

At Klauke there are many, diverse opportunities of creating one’s own future within the company. The ability to work independently and autonomously is very much in demand in every department.  

In the middle of the year, a total of five apprentices – one machine and equipment operator (F) with a focus on metal and plastics technology, one specialist for warehouse logistics (F), two warehouse clerks (M/F) and one technical product designer specialising in machinery and plant technology (M) – successfully completed their training. The machine and equipment operator was offered employment in the connection technology department. On account of her good educational and practical performance, our apprentice warehouse clerk decided in favour of continuing her training to become a specialist for warehouse logistics. This course of training will once again be conducted in our company. The specialist for warehouse logistics, who decided to take this very further education and training course last year in our company, will be employed at our central logistics operation at Tenter Weg, the location where the newly trained warehouse clerk will also take up his position. The technical product designer will strengthen our development for the future.

We congratulate our former apprentices on passing their examinations. We are very pleased about the good results achieved and are looking forward to continuing the working relationship. All the very best for the future, too!

Should you also be interested in participating in a vocational training programme or an apprenticeship in our company, then just take a look on the training possibilities we offer.