Bernsdorf facility modernised


It is something of a tradition at Gustav Klauke GmbH that the company regularly reviews its plant and machinery and maintains them at the most up-to-date status possible. In the past quarter year, investment has once again been made, but this time in the machinery at our plant in Bernsdorf near Dresden.    

A new surface-grinding machine, fully enclosed, and boasting an exhaust air unit was one of the capital outlays. This machine is equipped with the most modern CNC control system, which enables various grinding, roughening and finishing operations, thus allowing shortened processing times.   

Klauke similarly invested in a milling machine. This equipment features two-chamber processing and tool change capabilities combined with a state-of-the-art machine control system. As a result, throughput times have been improved. 

Both machines were hooked up to a modern exhaust air unit, an aspect that significantly enhances safety at work and environmental protection.  

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