An exchange of experience, somewhat different – at a depth 0f 650 metres


In the last November week, three staff members from Gustav Klauke GmbH had the opportunity of taking part in an exchange of ideas and experience in a salt mine at the Hera pit at Hattorf operated by the company K+S.   

Our team was fully equipped with the right mining gear early in the morning before being lowered into the pit at an enormous speed to a depth of about 650 metres. Underground, the team of three was transported in two separate vehicles i.e. just a small part of the considerable fleet of more than 500 on hand. After viewing the company-own workshop, where the machinery and vehicles are overhauled and repaired underground, the tour continued further and further into the galleries. The approach for mining the salt was then described in detail directly at the salt removal points alongside long conveyors and enormous machines. 

Overall, our team covered some 60 kilometres in their three-hour tour underground, but still only managed to see a small part of the entire complex. The total area of the salt mining facility covers an area that is about as big as the town of Munich. 

At the subsequent underground lunch, we could gain some interesting insights into the processes and systems involved in the Idea Management scheme at K+S.  There was a lively exchange of ideas and experience with Daniela Karstens, the lady responsible for our Idea Management process.   

At the end of the day, we consider this to have been a really good event and are delighted that Klauke tools are an important piece of the puzzle in this field of application, thereby contributing to effective salt mining operations.  

A special thank you goes out to the team at K+ S that made this special day possible.  

And as German miners would say after such a pleasant day: “Glück Auf!” (Have good luck!)