VDE Power side cutter

VDE Power side cutter

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  • Improved cutting of insulated cables from slip-reducing wave profiled blades
  • Optimum handling due to ergonomically-shaped handle
  • High cutting performance on hard wires and piano wires

Ordering Information

Ordering information
PART NO. Description Dimensions mm Weight g Cutting performance soft wire dia. mm Cutting performance medium-hard wire dia. mm Cutting performance hard wire dia. mm Cutting performance piano wire dia. mm
KL045180IS VDE Power side cutter 180 mm  180  285  3,7  2,6  2,2 
KL044200IS VDE Electric power side cutter, 200 mm  200  280  4,0  2,8  2,5 
KL045240IS VDE Power side cutter 240 mm  240  420  4,5  3,5  3,0