Automatic wire stripper, 4 - 16 mm²

Automatic wire stripper, 4 - 16 mm²

  • Especially suitable for application-specific cable types in the machinery and plant construction, wind farms, robotics, eMobility and marine, shipbuilding, railways and rail traffic
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  • Self-setting cutting and stripping tool for application-specific solid and flexible cables
  • Ideal, light and ergonomic tool with long service life
  • Automatic opening of the clamping jaws after stripping ensures more safety
  • No loss of individual strands - conductor inserts into the core sleeve more easily
  • Integrated professional, easily accessible cable cutter - ensures a quicker work process
  • Adjustable stop with metric and imperial display to set the stripping length exactly

Ordering Information

Ordering information
PART NO. Description Dimensions mm Stripping range mm² Weight g
K432U Automatic wire stripper 4 - 16 mm²  190  4 - 16  140 
PART NO. Description
K432E3 Detachable magazine, red for solid and flexible cables from 4 - 16 mm²