Personalise your Klauke tool case

Get your free customised brand label

Work like a professional and put your own electrical brand on your Klauke tool case. As is often the case in life, the first impression counts in professional situations too, and it has to be just right. Because there are no second chances. Successful businesses in the skilled trades sector realised this long ago and are therefore consciously presenting themselves under their own brand. This includes projecting a uniform, consistent look from the company's building through vehicles and the workwear worn by technicians to the tools they use.

Have you purchased a Klauke tool case? Using the order code in your tool case you can have a brand label printed with your company logo and your own name or department name. The following Klauke tool cases can be personalized: Economy Case (Part No: KL855B8), apprentice Case (Part No: KL855B22) and Professional Case (Part No: KL865B19).

This is how it works:

Enter your address into the form so that we can send the brand label to you. Add the order code that is in your tool case. Upload your company logo and indicate if you would like the Klauke brand logo as well. So that the label can be printed in good quality, your logo has to have the following resolution:

  • File format: *.AI or *.EPS
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Colour model: CMYK preferred
  • Total size of all logos: max. 8 MB

To make your tool case even more personal you can also specify your own name or department name. If you would like to redeem several order codes you can order up to 10 different brand labels. Please make sure that the total size of all logos does not exceed 8 MB, so that your data will reach us. We will then check all data and process it for the brand label. After the brand label has been printed it will be sent to you by post to the address specified.

You can now stick the brand label to your new Klauke tool case and everyone will see who it belongs to.

Please enter necessarily your order codes for further orders. If you would like to redeem other order codes and do not upload another logo the logo used for case 1 will be used for the other tool cases.