Connectivity - Software for Klauke tools

Connectivity is the generic term for the digital applications Klauke offers its customers in addition to its tools. Including Klauke i-connect, i-press® software and the i-press® app. With all Klauke Next Generation tools, these applications create a host of new potentials. connect tools also offer an expanded range of functions.

Start now with the i-connect application on various end devices. Access your tool information and data. Record and localise your tools, organise your teams, check the location of connect variant tools and monitor the tool usage in realtime using your i-connect application. i-connect is available as a web-based or mobile application.


Thanks to GPS Tool Tracking and the networked tool: efficiency increase with optimised tool usage. Avoid downtimes on the construction site due to missing or inoperable tools. Manage tool usage. Protect from theft remotely via tool cutout.


Reads out all tool data, so you can check the tool status. i-press® also gives you proof of quality assessment in the form of a project report. i-press® is a Desktop application which you can download free-of-charge here.

Download i-press® software

i-press® software for tools with IPS-function (Version 0.95.1, 13 MB)

i-press® software for Next Generation
(Version Next Generation, 13 MB)

i-press® App

Keep an overview of all your tools even while on the go. And personalise your tool settings via the app.

Download i-press® App